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CURRENT/LATEST RELEASE – September 7, 2022 – BooCooPets and Shoptype Announce Strategic Partnership (below)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 06, 2022

BooCooPets Announces a Strategic Partnership with Shoptype to Grow Online Community and Increase e-Commerce Capabilities

BooCooPets has partnered with Shoptype, a new platform that levels the field in social e-commerce on the internet to help businesses, creators, communities and publishers increase sales by leveraging organic conversations to drive and reward sales.

CALIFORNIA,  September 06, 2022 /Shoptype/ — BooCooPets, an emerging pet owner community that connects brands and retailers to form lasting relationships with passionate pets and their people, has announced a strategic platform partnership with Shoptype, an emerging and unique platform for monetizing the creator economy. Shoptype is a peer-to-peer social e-commerce and community platform that integrates all e-commerce software and tools for both influencers and existing customers to co-sell products and services via their favorite digital platform.

This strategic partnership between BooCooPets and Shoptype will help accelerate BooCooPets awareness, driving increased Community growth and e-commerce capabilities. Additionally, it provides strategic analytics that will empower pet-centric merchants and service providers to better connect with their customers, owners and each other, while growing their businesses through innovative influencer marketing tools and strategic community solutions.

As a platform provider, Shoptype aspires to develop first-to-market technologies that help brands and vendors of all sizes build sustainable relationships with influencers, socially active customers and the broader creator economy. Aligning the community and social platform component of Shoptype’s product roadmap, the two companies have partnered to develop next generation social e-commerce experiences that are both headless and seamlessly connected between all e-commerce, social, messaging and physical touchpoints. This new alliance will position BooCooPets as one of the early launch partners for Shoptype, alongside Mexico’s GolfExpress, Canada’s AltHealth and HydrosLife, a breakout new USA clean water brand.

Larry Loyd, CEO at BooCooPets, said: “This new platform partnership is a significant step in our journey to becoming the #1 destination for Everything, for Every Pet. We believe that Shoptype’s platform will help to redefine social e-commerce and the future of brand and influencer marketing. With this partnership, we will now have cutting-edge community, social, onboarding, services, and advice from the best USA and Global service providers. We look forward to working even more closely with Shoptype to provide smarter, more connected experiences that create real value for our mutual customers.”

“Our two companies share a common belief, that for distributed and social e-commerce to thrive, communities and their members must be able to foster direct and meaningful relationships with their members, advocates, leaders, suppliers and more. This platform partnership ultimately takes full advantage of our total roadmap, not just co-selling, and the last two years of time and energy we put into the portability, scalability and integrations across Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies.” Amit Rathore, Founder and CEO at Shoptype. “BooCooPets could not be a more perfect partner to showcase the incredible value and possibilities of what our platform provides, including the vast ecosystem we deliver to their brands. We are thrilled to partner in their growth and create even more impact, together.” he adds.

Initially, both companies have agreed to focus on priority segments within the overall pet category by targeting early adopters. With a solid foundation in place, momentum on our side and early analytics, we will then apply insights to expand across more categories. To learn more visit and

About BooCooPets

BooCooPets is one of the fastest growing pet community providers, a distributed network of community and business leaders and partners who deliver support to the 1.7M+ merchants and 90.5M+ pet owners in the USA. BooCooPets mission is to help brands, service providers, community leaders and more, strengthen the communities around pets with innovative features for e-commerce, discoverability, product information and reviews, referrals, and ultimately co-selling.

About Shoptype

Shoptype is a new platform that democratizes the internet platform economy. It takes e-commerce from its current prepaid marketing model to global post-paid sales driven by billions of organic sellers and co-sellers from around the world. Now, any business can connect their store to Shoptype, and instantly start receiving orders via the creator and influencer universe, and only pay for the actual sales revenue as it comes in. Founded in 2020, Shoptype’s mission is to create a borderless world economy, powered by a secure and fair internet that works for all. For more information, visit our website at

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