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Changing commerce
through conversation

Shoptype democratizes social commerce on the internet to help businesses, creators, communities, and publishers grow by leveraging organic conversation.


For over 30 years, the Internet promised open access and opportunity for everyone on the planet. However, the Internet today consists of large networks that charge too much in marketing and transaction costs, taking large bites from underlying businesses.

For instance, most digital conversion rates average between 2% and 3%, and despite this horrific inefficiency, everyone keeps paying the platforms two orders of magnitude of wasted dollars. Shoptype fixes this.

Shoptype takes e-commerce from prepaid marketing to global post-paid sales driven by billions of sellers and cosellers the world over. Now, any business can connect their store to Shoptype, and magically start receiving orders from Cosellers all over the world, paying only for the actual revenue as it comes in.

Our Mission

A borderless world economy powered by a secure and fair Internet that works for all.

Our Vision

To empower the world’s largest salesforce, a global network of cosellers across all platforms of the Internet.

Our Values

These are the values that got Shoptype to where it is today. 


We want to change the old way of buying by focusing on real conversations online.


We provide a platform for creators, communities, and publishers to keep doing what they love and be rewarded.


We want every kind of influence to be rewarded, not just from the one that got the last click.


We are passionate and always striving for excellence in everything we do.

Meet Our Team

Amit Rathore

Founder & CEO

Naveen Kunapareddy

Co-Founder & CPO

Build a career on changing commerce

Join the Shoptype team and help make conversation the center of commerce.

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Shoptype -
The Network is
the Market

Shoptype - The Network
is the Market

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