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Shoptype helps you create an intuitive performance-based rewards program for your new social sales force, enabling both celebrities and micro-influencers to share in the success of organic sales gained through authentic peer-to-peer sharing.

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New customers learn about you from your customer's friends and contacts

These influencers, micro-influencers actually, earn performance-based commissions on the products they share and can earn even more by inviting other influencers who then sell more. By the way, that’s you they are buying from.

Custom Commissions

Each product you sell can have unique commissions and you can even have a single product that can earn different commissions based on how it is shared.

Influencer Recruiting

Influencers discover the ability to earn commissions from other influencers, on your website, integrated into product listings and, through your social media or by direct invitation.

Specialized Wallet

Each influencer you work with is given their own wallet that automatically collects commissions and safely pays out rewards based on best practices and your rules.

Shared Success

You and all of the influencers in your program effectively work together simply by using our platform. We provide templates and assistance to help everyone win.

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What Our Early Adopters Say

"Amit and I met on one of these serendipitous kind of business networking, you know, apps, right. and the minute he described this to me, it really kind of clicked because, you know, I've been kind of in, you know, a semi-professional way, hanging out with a lot of people in the health and wellness space who are very prominent influencers. I've done a lot of personal investing in various, you know, businesses and health and wellness. and I've just seen kind of the power that some of these people have, and the thought instantly clicked of, you know, gee, if you could empower, you know, the average consumer to really kind of educate and advocate to their friends and give them kind of a little bit of a monetary incentive, I think you really start to kind of turn that dial in a positive way. And it becomes kind of a beneficial feedback loop for everybody in the system. So it instantly clicked and I knew I would be instantly interested in hydros."
Winston Ibrahim
CEO, Hydros


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