Welcome to Coselling with Shoptype

This page provides a brief overview of getting started with Coselling on the Shoptype network.  This is meant for new Cosellers who are just getting started or recently joined.


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How it Works.

Set up Account

Follow the link in the email invite you received or on the Coselling popup from the website you are Coselling with.

Find Products

All of the products in the eCommerce website, or network you Cosell with, will now have a Cosell button.

Share Content

When you click on the Cosell button, a popup will appear and the links on that popup will contain your Coselling ID when you share content or items.

Your Royalties

When you log into your Coselling account, you will see an overview or your activity, and when sales are complete, the royalties will appear in your wallet.

Your Account

If you have already been invited to a Coselling program, you have an account in our system that is waiting for you to set it up.

If you have already set up the account, the login page will ask you for your email and password in order to Sign In.  If you have lost your password, you can reset it here as well. 

If you have not set up your account, you will be prompted to Create Account by entering your First and Last Name, Email Address, and by creating a secure password.  When finished, press Sign In and you will be taken into your account after you verify your email address.

Alternatively, you can Sign In or Sign Up

Finding Products
to Cosell

Many, or all, the products in the marketplace or eCommerce site you are selling for will have a Cosell button on the same page that you would normally visit to add the item to your cart.  By clicking on the Cosell button, you will be presented with many ways to share content.

Just below the quantity and add to cart button, you can see the Cosell button along with the current royalty being offered for sales of this product.

Your Unique Cosell Link

Each product you share or sell has a unique link and reformatted content for most social networks.

From this popup, you can choose how and where you want to share and all of the information needed for us to pay out your royalty will be automatically included in the shared content.

Choose a social network or Copy Link to Clipboard.

Share Content Everywhere

Coselling and earning royalties is really just sharing content with friends about the products and brands you love and trust.  In this example, we have clicked on Share to Twitter above and we are now going to customize text, add hashtags and get ready to share the content.

Collecting Your Royalties

All of your activity and tracking information for all your shares and sales is in your account. If you made sales, your royalties are also accumulating there.
Shoptype has automatically created a secure wallet for that stores the transaction information and royalty in the currency you are making sales in. Log in to see your wallet.
Royalties can be paid out to your PayPal, Stripe or through special arrangement from your eCommerce partner. Refer to the details of each eCommerce provider's program.



A Coselling program is when customers of a brand or business become an extended salesforce, working on to drive awareness and ultimately sales. We define coselling as simply sharing (privately or publicly) either content and purchase information for products or services where the brand or retailer pay out a commission to any coseller when a sale is made.  For example, a customer purchases a product and reviews or raves about it to friends via a social network.  By activating Coselling, every time those friends and their friends purchase, that first customer is rewarded financially for their influence on the sale. 

A brand or retailer puts a program in place that uses Shoptype to track engagement and purchase information via multi-click attribution from the entire audience of shared content.  That engagement is then correctly attributed to the person who shared the content and referred in new customers.  This person is typically both an active member of a Coselling program that a retailer or brand is offering and a customer of that same brand or eCommerce business.  When any initial or subsequent purchase is made by a new customer, and any return or refund period has passed, the royalty (which works like a sales commission) is paid to the person(s) who shared the specific content that drove the engagement and the sale.

Most brands or retailers will launch a pilot program by selecting an initial group of customers (ambassadors) who already regularly purchase and/or leave good reviews for products or services.  An invitation to become a Coseller is sent to a customer via their communication method of choice and when they opt in to the program, they are informed of commissions they can be paid for products or services they can share and Cosell.  You may have been invited to a program by a brand, a retailer, a friend or a customer of that company.  If you are not sure where the invitation to join came from, please contact us using the form below.

Once you have been selected and invited, you are automatically registered for the program based on the contact information provided to the company who created the program or the contact information your friend used to invite you.  Some programs may have minimum past purchase criteria or be able to match your profile to other e-commerce transactions, reviews and profile information.
If you have been invited or joined a program, the Cosell button (see above) appears on eligible products with the royalty for that product also shown.  When you active the Cosell link, a popup appears pre-formatted with your magic link in the background along with social share information, information about the product, and perhaps information on that specific Coselling program along with the ability to learn more or get help.

A brand or retailer defines either a global commission percentage on all sales or specific commissions at the SKU or brand level.  Program definition also includes the payout by stage of influence.  Up to 7 stages or steps of influence can be defined and attributed.  We call this multi-touch attribution and it is unique to how Shoptype is able to attribute traffic, influence and the various steps that lead to a sale or finding a new customer.

Each touchpoint has a defined payout commission based on a percentage of the total commission to be paid.  In each Cosell, 100% of the commission is paid even if there is only one Coseller that gets the entire amount.

Coseller commissions are shown in the Coseller wallet, dashboard and account information immediately when a sale is made.  Commission payouts may be held in escrow for a period of time defined in the program terms, based on return or refund periods.

We see Cosellers as being more integral and committed to their role as an influencer whereas typical affiliate programs are a hard sell and you always have to get the last click for it to be your sale. Conversely, authentic and genuine communication is going to be recognized as passionate and credible peer-to-peer influence.  When a prospect feels well informed by a trusted source and is not pressured for the sale, they are going to have a better brand experience.

Referral programs generally refer to a registered user agreeing to share a specific link and then receiving some type of bonus when a click on that link results in registration or sale.  While this can be successful, it is not as robust or holistic as Coselling. On the other hand, Coselling enables users to customize content, gain rewards for any touchpoint that ultimately results in a sale and to use or create multiple touchpoints to influence sales based on a deeper understanding of their community.

Our top retailers describe Coselling as a customer-centric behavior that is based on trusted relationships and passionate ownership.  From a regulatory and disclosure perspective, the customers doing the sharing of content and recommendations should be customers of both the brand, and the specific product, that is being shared. 

All commissions and payouts are held in escrow until the defined return or refund period defined by the seller has passed or any special terms for the program are met.  
This ensures that the product(s) being sold do meet the satisfaction of the new customer, and guides the sharing of content and success for Cosellers, and ultimately eliminates the ability for the program to be attractive to any malicious users.  You should always be aware of your safety on the internet and be careful of any information you share, of course.  And if you are not satisfied with any product, transaction, or interaction with any aspect of Shoptype programs, please contact us immediately (below). 

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