Imagine your fans as a trusted force

Many brands have told us that they would love it if their sales force was made up of fans.  And, people are telling us right now that additional streams of income are much needed.  We built a great way to do both.

1. Join the Shoptype network (free).

2. Add products and set rewards.

3. We help you recruit a sales force.

Let’s work together. It works better.

No obligation.  No hidden fees.  Cancel anytime.

Build trust. Share rewards. measure growth.

100% Free

Our model is performance-driven which means you only pay out commissions when an actual new sale is made.

We Can Help

We have a team of builders, marketers, and influencers who can help you to recruit, grow and optimize your social selling program.

Start small

Our experts and data show that starting small and growing from there is the way to ensure success. Find a few mega-influencers in your category and pick a few customers to start.

Grow Big

And grow from home. A sustainable engagement with influencers is hard to achieve but if you work with your team and help them to optimize sales they will stay.

Grow at your pace and build your community

The tables have officially turned – the power of the influencer sales force now starts with the power of the brand and retailer to be able to sustainably engage this new force.  It helps if your brand and products are awesome but you still need to engage the influencers you want and and nurture those relationships.

Every single person in a Shoptype network, including your staff, is empowered to help each other and work together to share learning, best practices, and methods that work.

Meet Some Brands That Work With Fans

Better Water

With HydrosLife

HydrosLife has reinvented the water filter and their community is helping them grow sales.

Better Living

With AltHealth

AltHealth is building a trusted community for alternative health solutions and their champions are on call.

Better Game

With GolfExpress

GolfExpress is a leading retailer of everything golf in Mexico and their Platinum customers are teeing up to win.

Interested in building a bigger and better community of influencers?

We likely have to break a few eggs to make a cake but we can work together to bake a program that rises perfectly.