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Why?  It works better. According to MediaKix, 71% of marketers said the quality of customers, leads, and traffic from influencer marketing is better than those from other sources. In many ways, it offers brands a chance to create the effect of word of mouth marketing, at scale.

Flexible Tiers

Deepen engagement or modify ROI based on performance you achieve

Relevant Scheduling

Increase audience availability based on content, events, and new products.

Unlimited Access

Exceed the minimum delivery threshold to gain access to unlimited placements.

Test Response

Define audience cohorts and limit access to test and optimize adoption.

Increase Personalization

Select brands, products and influencers that meet your performance goals.

Train Your Experts

Educate your content and sales teams to maximize return on audience and content.

We create value from any audience, with no limit on size or session.

Broad Engagement

New products and deals allow placements to convert the top of the funnel at the highest rate even though intent and interest may vary.

Right On Target

Contextual placements, intent matches, demographic and audience matches allow you to optimize based on insights from vendors and influencers

Build Your Network

Balance your advertiser base, content expertise and audience understanding to build an offering that matches everyone's best interests..

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“I am so glad I figured out how to amplify Coselling!”
The team we built from brands and fansare very committed and professional and my community is getting bigger and better at driving metrics that matter every day. This changes everything about a brand's relationship with it's market..
“My first time visit conversions went from zero to 100!"
This is like the perfect matchmaking service! I found a community that wanted access to my audience and my readers loved it! It changed my thinking about ads and content monetization completely. Put simply. this works for us.

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